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About Us

Health and Home Pharmacy was established by individuals having operated their own retail pharmacy businesses successfully over a number of years in order to cater for the needs of smaller retail pharmacies not having access to capital - be it financial, intellectual or network to develop, yet sustain themselves.

The Group has sought to invest in and with smaller to medium sized pharmacies and individuals to become involved in the management of such businesses to ensure sustainability and growth to provide the finest healthcare service in communities. With a collective experience of over 30 years of professional pharmaceutical retail experience, Health and Home Pharmacy strives to create a symbiotic relationship between independent pharmacies and wholesalers to grow, sustain and support each other as well as the communities within which they serve.

Due to strict government regulation and mini monopolies of multinational organizations, we have created a network for independent pharmacies to operate in a sustainable and efficient manner thus allowing them to remain competitive and a preferred alternative with the geographies within which they operate.